Yongpyong Resort, Balwangsan Kimchi

Kasidy Meyer
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In 2022, Balwangsan Kimchi at Yongpyong Resort was awarded the Official Domestic Kimchi certification.
The Kimchi is used in the resort's restaurants is also available for sale at the Dragon Valley Hotel 1F and Dragon Plaza 1F.

What is in the Balwangsan Kimchi?

Gochugaru from Pyeongchang and Yangyang
Cabbage from Pyeongchang
Balwangsan Pollack caught in the Daegwallyeong area
Water from Balwangsan Mountain
Salt fron Shinan
Goraengji Radish from Pyeongchang
Goraengji Potatoes from Pyeongchang

(Goraengji is an agricultural practice, done in the summer in high regions with a low temperature.)

Kimchi Jjiggae at the restaurant The Chalet.

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