Fun Activities for Families with Children!

Kasidy Meyer
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If you’re coming to Yongpyong resort with your children and wonder 

what you can do other than having fun in the snow, wonder no more!

Here are two great activities you can experience~

There's a colorful kids area, Color Land, with different colored rooms, photos zones, neon lights, and more!

For those interested in nature instead, there’s a cool Dinosaur and Marine Exhibition Hall moving dinosaurs!

Find the perfect fit for your child, or try them both out!

Color Land
A huge kids café with different rooms in beautiful colors. 

Play in the pink or blue ball pits with play grounds, have fun with toys, visit the hanging lights room, 

or visit the neon lights drawing rooms. Additionally, there are several photo zones to capture new memories in. 

There’s also a relax room with muted colors to ease your mind from all the fun. 

Plus, lockers are available for you to easily store your belongings.

1st and 2nd floors of the Valley Center

(opposite of Dragon Valley Hotel)

Opening time
Weekdays 10:00 ~ 18:00 (Entrance deadline 17:00)
Weekends 11:00 ~ 20:00 (Entrance deadline 19:00)
※ Weekends: Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays
※ Basic hours of use: 2 hours 

Dinosaur & Marine Exhibit Hall

Experience a large number of moving dinosaurs and take fun pictures with the pre-historic creatures that roamed the earth! You can also enjoy a VR experience and an AR playroom.

Greenpia Condominium B3

Opening time
Weekdays 10:00 ~ 19:20
Weekends 09:30 ~ 19:20
※ 20:00 Closed

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